Knick Season 1


My Top Five Season 1 Episodes of The Knick:

#1, Method and Madness- we get to see how this circus works and meet all the amazing characters of the Knick!

#2, Working Late A Lot. Things heat up considerably between Lucy and Thack, and the cocaine shortage ramps up Clive Owen’s performance to a peak. Building tension between Thack, Bertie and Lucy. Perfect poignant ending with Thack reliving Dr. Christensen’s death in the opium den eerirely presages his own demise. The music is exquisite.

#3, The Golden Lotus. Steadfast Lucy to the rescue! Thack falling apart and drowning in paranoia is the highlight here.

#4, They Capture the Heat. Algie and Thack working together, sort of. Gallinger’s world collapsing. And just for that great bicycle scene between Lucy and Thack.

#5, Get The Rope. Amazing editing, everyone working together, and Lucy gets to consummate her obsession with Dr. Thackery.