but you keep repeating that Charaxus has arrived with his ship full, something that, I believe, Zeus and all the gods know, but not about this should you be concerned, 4 but only about sending me off and inviting me to raise many supplications to queen Hera, that Charaxus may come here steering his ship unharmed 8 and find us women safe and sound: 5 the rest, let’s entrust it all to the gods, for calm suddenly follows great storms. 12 Those whose fortune the king of Olympus wants finally to reverse for the best, far from pains, those become happy and very prosperous. 16 We too, if Larichus were to raise his head and finally to become a man, would be all of a sudden freed from many heavinesses of heart. 20


Pursue the violet-laden Muses handsome gifts,
my children, and the loud-voiced lyre so dear to song:
But me

my skin which once was soft is withered now
by age, my hair has turned to white which once was black,
my heart has been weighed down, my knees give no support
which once were nimble in the dance like little fawns.
How often I lament these things. But what to do?
No being that is human can escape old age.

For people used to think that Dawn with rosy arms
and loving murmurs took Tithonus fine and young
to reach the edges of the earth; yet still grey age
in time did seize him, though his consort cannot die.